Non Linear, Analog and Digital
Cuts - $40.00 per hour
Digital effects - $55.00 per hour

Character generator - $15.00 per half hour
Large amount of text must be on digital media

Titles custom - $15.00 per half hour

Graphic design and creative services - $100.00 per hour
Scanning for video - $10.00 per scan

We offer a wide range of quality solutions for your video project, featuring multi-layer 2D or 3D environments.
We offer compositing of graphic, paint and animation programs.

Digital Imaging 3D Design and Modeling
Cel Animation Cartoons
Computer Animation - $300.00 per sec. basic
Software 3D Studio Max Lightwave Maya Poser

Studio Rental

Includes: one camera and one mic
Web streaming price on request, Real, Quick Time, Windows media player
Satellite Broadcasting