With our extensive inventory of rental equipment, we can accommodate short-notice, last-minute scheduling requirements.

Every day, Pricecolor rents AV equipment for small meetings and conferences, ranging in size from 5-5000 attendees. We provide portable plug-and-play LCD projectors with power cords and cabling for computer data sources. The projectors are menu-driven and easy to operate. Our equipment is delivered and, as needed, set up by a skilled technician, not an untrained delivery driver or messenger.

For larger meetings and presentations, we provide integrated equipment packages, consisting of projectors with microphones and speakers.
Digital Communications technicians also deliver and set up equipment packages.

Our large screen solutions can augment your permanent AV installations for special occasions, such as sports events and election nights. We also have large plasma screens for special events and trade shows.

For use in litigation, we stock document cameras with projectors and monitors.

Pricecolor offers discounts for large-scale/continuous use customers with conference centers operating on a daily basis. We can serve as your single-source provider, reducing your rental costs and streamlining your ordering requirements.

We have over thirty years of trade show experience, and we are involved in the trade show business on a daily basis, throughout Washington D.C and across the U.S.

Pricecolor has provided AV for hundreds of trade show exhibits for a wide variety of industries: film, interactive gaming, auto, machine tool, printing, home entertainment, electronics, computers, hospitality, restaurant, food, sporting goods.

For trade shows, we provide a broad range of equipment and services. We can work with your exhibit manufacturer to design and implement an integrated AV system uniquely suited to your trade show production. Or, we can supply equipment as simple as a twenty-inch monitor and VCR.

We use state-of-the-art technology, such as plasma screens and high-resolution DVD, to produce dynamic, lightweight, low-maintenance displays. Our video equipment produces a big, bright image that overcomes the low ambient light typical of trade show floors, on a footprint so small, with such small power requirements, that you can "zone" your exhibit to feature different products, services, and operations, without cluttering premium space. We also can complement your images with high-quality sound systems, providing a fully integrated medium for your exhibit's theme and content. We also can provide power distribution boxes to help you efficiently manage your power distribution and consumption.

On-site AV technicians are available to staff your exhibit. Our technical staff dresses in appropriate business attire, and will complement any union personnel required by a trade show site. We can even estimate your union budget for your AV requirements. And, all of our equipment is well-maintained and discreetly labeled, so the content of your exhibit gets all the attention.